Black Clouds features an extensive and thoughtful control set that includes:

Pre Boost: Controls the amount of input boost from 0 to 30dB with a slight mid boost to add definition. Use it if you want to raise the gain and compression when using the boost function. This control is not functional if the pedal is bypassed.

Gain: Controls the gain, ranging from crunch to high gain mayhem.

Level: Controls the output volume.

Master Boost: Sets the amount of output clean boost, from 0 to 20dB. Use it to raise the volume when using the boost function. This control is still functional if the pedal is bypassed and can be used as an independent clean booster.

Pre Tone: Use it to balance the amount of high or bottom end entering the drive circuit and compensate for different pickup characteristics for a consistent tone. Clockwise, the low end is reduced, and the top end is enhanced (for tighter, more aggressive chugs). Counterclockwise, the bottom end is enhanced, and the top end reduced (for fatter, fuller single lines). It’s great for finding the right balance of tightness without losing too much body for your pickups.



 Bass: Controls the low frequencies below 300hz, +- 10dB

Mids: Controls the midrange response, between 300 and 2khz, +-12dB Treble: Controls the high frequencies above 2khz, +-15dB

X-Gate Switch: X-gate is a passive noise gate that chops the silent passages instantly. It’s great for Djenty percussive breakdowns. It also adds crossover distortion which adds another layer of texture to the tone.